The Rush

Programme Description

E FM’s very popular evening show has been through metamorphosis and has emerged in 2020 as a colourful, interesting and wonderful accompaniment on your way home in Rush Hour Traffic.

Dilsha and Jay skillfully navigate you with timely traffic updates, hilarious brain tickles and all sorts of other evening shenanigans.
The Rush is on air from 5 – 8pm every weekday on E 88.3 FM

Dilsha has been in broadcasting for 4 years and is a self confirmed foodie. She is a bio-technology graduate with a calling for music – and the best bathroom vocalist ever. It is also very relevant to mention that she is a joyful but mediocre ukulele player. This cat worshipper, is always up for conversations about conspiracies (tin hat anyone?) , and the biggest FRIENDS fan – ever.

Jay has many aliases such as Jay-Boy, Big Jay and also J-Man. He has over a decade in broadcasting and some awesome stories to tell. His colourful and amiable personality gets him all the fried chicken, in a family of three boys.